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Making a List (of your Home Requirements) and Checking It Twice

Making a List (of your Home Requirements) and Checking It Twice
When buying a home, it is important to know what you are looking for and what you are able to finance. Making a list is a simple way to lay out the necessities while searching for a property and determining what you can’t live without versus what you desire. This can be done by making a multi-columned list that outlines desires, needs and obstacles. If you are purchasing a home with someone else, it can be beneficial to each make your own list to avoid confrontation, and then share them to make compromises.

Some potential points include:
How many people should the house accommodate?
Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
Should there be a place for guests?
A specified guest room or a converted office
What is the function of the kitchen and dining room?
Determining size and layout for hosting
What should the neighborhood be like?
Consider nearby schools and public safety
What should yard space look like?
A patio, porch, backyard space, area for pool/other additions
Is there public transportation?
Nearby buses or stations versus owning a car

Houses can be sold As-Is or as a Fixer-Upper. This difference could have a dramatic bearing on the price but also the manual labor that goes into the property after closing. The same consideration should be made for slight structural damage to negotiate with the seller to ensure that the property is functional in the future. Navigating the home buying process can be tedious to get the house of your dreams, but it is possible and simplified with specialty help from Link Real Estate.

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