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By link7989 / April 3, 2019

House Lust: A Prudence Island Retreat Overlooking The Bay

For a feature published last summer, I toured Prudence Island with nothing more than wide eyes and a few granola bars in my bag. After a slow, thirty-minute ferry ride from Bristol to Prudence..

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By link7989 / March 4, 2019

Leading Ladies 2019: Tracy LeRoux

Every day brings a new challenge,” says Tracy LeRoux. “I’m proud that I’ve had the resilience to evolve the company and continue to grow as a professional after all these years.”

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Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 2.01.53 PM
By link7989 / November 29, 2018

Budding Gardeners Can Now Master the Basics at Blithewold

For anyone who has ever wanted to acquire a green thumb, your golden opportunity has arrived: Blithewold is introducing a...

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By link7989 / July 5, 2018

Miles of Smiles on the East Bay Bike Path

One of the East Bay’s greatest beauties has just received a facelift, and the results are jaw dropping. Gone are...

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By link7989 / June 5, 2018

Origins of the Great American Barbecue

A Fourth of July barbecue may be part of your family’s traditions, but it’s steeped in our country’s history, as...

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The Link Agency Real Estate
By link7989 / December 15, 2017

Making a List (of your Home Requirements) and Checking It Twice

When buying a home, it is important to know what you are looking for and what you are able to...

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The Link Agency Real Estate
By link7989 / November 20, 2017

The Link Agency Gives You Something to be Thankful for this Holiday Season

The holiday season is the time of year when family comes together to celebrate each other and everything that they...

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The Link Agency Real Estate
By link7989 / October 10, 2017

Debunking the Scary Myths of Home Buying

Forget all the myths you’ve been scared into believing when it comes to home buying. Myth busters at The Link...

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The Link Agency Real Estate
By link7989 / September 16, 2017

Renting to College Students

Owning a property in a college town, especially towards the end of the summer, calls for an influx of new...

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The Link Agency Real Estate
By link7989 / August 15, 2017

Let The Link Agency Help You Get Away

If you are looking for a vacation home, Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts have access to various waterfront locations. Whatever you are searching for, The Link Agency will work closely with you to find your happy place and present listings for homes that fit your dreams.

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Homes sold/bought as represented by agents at The Link Agency
By link7989 / August 4, 2017

Quarterly Sales of The Link Agency

East Bay’s Top Independent Specialty Brokerage Firm Wraps Up Some Recent Transactions Barrington, RI., 4 August 2017- The Link Agency is...

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Prudence Island Real Estate
Prudence Island
By link7989 / July 27, 2017

Narragansett Bay’s Undiscovered Gem – Prudence Island Living & Real Estate

On Prudence Prudence Island is the largest island located in the center of the Narragansett Bay. Truly a hidden gem...

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By link7989 / July 2, 2017

Join the Celebration in Your New Home

With the help of The Link Agency, you could make this historic and lively community your home and join in celebration for years to come!

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The Link Agency Sells Homes
By link7989 / June 27, 2017

The Link Agency Approach to Home Selling

Almost three years after its addition of a private brokerage division, The Link Agency and its realtors continue to prove that linking marketing and realty is the secret to home selling success. Located in the heart of the East Bay, let The Link Agency help you sell your Bristol County home sooner rather than later.

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East Bay Bike Path
By link7989 / June 22, 2017

Discover Rhode Island with The Link Agency

Warmer weather and longer days signify the start of summer in New England, and presents the perfect time to look for a new home.

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Building and shop strip downtown
By link7989 / October 26, 2016

Thinking About Moving to the Ocean State?

Here are some helpful links and resources for new-comers to Rhode Island ▶RI Economic Development Corporation: Moving to Rhode Island...

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By link7989 / June 18, 2016

Two Agents Who Compliment Each Other

Scott Bean and Randi Giles of The Link Agency are the best of both worlds of copy writing and graphic design. Now working at The Link Agency, the pair bring a host of knowledge and expertise together. Prior to earning her real estate license Randi...

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The Link Agency
By link7989 / January 19, 2016

Marketing Firm Looks to ‘Link’ Real Estate Brokers Nationwide

BARRINGTON, RI—A locally-based nationwide marketing firm is looking to partner with independent commercial and residential real estate agents that want...

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The Link Agency - A New Type Of Real Estate - Private Brokerage
By link7989 / November 19, 2015

The Link Agency Launches Private Brokerage, a Unique Boutique Realty Firm

The Link Agency has announced its addition of a first-of-its-kind real estate division, a private brokerage that is part of...

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Real Estate Photos
By link7989 / November 9, 2015

Who Owns Your Property Photos?

Listing content fuels the real estate industry, and displaying photographs of real properties online is now a vital part of the real estate professional’s marketing plan. Sellers use photographs to market properties, and buyers rely on those images to select which properties to visit. MLSs distribute property listings through proprietary databases that include the listing photographs. Moreover, MLSs in turn often license their property listing databases, including broker-provided photographs, to third-party portals, such as

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Buying and Selling a home without loosing your mind
By link7989 / October 4, 2015

How to Buy and Sell a Home at the Same Time—Without Losing Your Mind

Ah, to be a first-time home buyer again: How easy it was to buy a home when you weren’t carrying another mortgage on...

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Make a good impression on home buyers
By link7989 / October 1, 2015

12 Ways to Make a Fantastic First Impression on Buyers

First impressions count. You may not be able to tell a book by its cover, but you’ll likely pay more...

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The Link Agency Real Estate - Insurance
By link7989 / September 28, 2015

The (Mostly) Definitive Guide to Home Insurance

You’ve already done all the hard work. You searched endlessly for your dream home, negotiated the price, and got all...

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By link7989 / September 25, 2015

4 Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

Over the past several years first-time home buyers may have shied away from entering the housing market due to stagnant...

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By link7989 / September 22, 2015

Meet Tracy LeRoux: Businesswoman, Visionary, Professor

Tracy LeRoux is CEO and Principal Broker for the Link Agency a private brokerage real estate and marketing firm located...

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Real Estate Terms
By link7989 / August 20, 2015

A Short Guide to Real Estate Lingo

Reading real estate advertising acronyms can sometimes feel like trying to parse ancient Greek: EIL with a W/D? LR with...

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Shop for Mortgages
By link7989 / April 9, 2015

Cut Costs Shopping Around for a Mortgage

Think you’re a savvy mortgage shopper? You might not be. A study by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau found that only about...

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