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An open house can increase listing visibility and reduce the time a property spends on the market. But the first step is getting people in the door, and that’s not always easy.
What can you do to attract a larger audience and increase the foot traffic your listings receive? Make your next showing an event to remember.
Here are four fun ways to put a unique spin on the traditional open house.
1. Create a mood-enhancing playlist.
Music can influence how people feel and the decisions they make, so why not set the tone for a sale? Put together a playlist of songs that complement the style and personality of the home and target demographic. When in doubt, opt for timeless instrumentals.
2. Feature local artwork.
Reach out to local artists, schools, studios and art associations that might be interested in the exposure and potential sales. Curate a collection of different styles, mediums and subject matter that will complement and enhance the home’s aesthetic.
Turning the home into a weekend art gallery is a great way to highlight local culture, get more traffic and tap into a new audience.
3. Serve seasonally appropriate drinks.
When the weather’s warm, a cold drink (like artisanal water, lemonade or chilled white wine) hits the spot and can make potential buyers feel more at home. Try choosing drinks that complement the ambiance of the property (e.g., sweet tea in a turn-of-the-century farmhouse).
4. Spread the word on social media.
Start promoting the event in advance to give potential buyers time to plan ahead. Posts should include the time, date and location of the event, as well as any enticing details. You could also leverage paid social advertising to reach a larger audience.
For more ways to generate interest in your listings, reach out today.
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