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As the market cools and opportunities dwindle, it’s the little things that can give you a competitive edge.
So how can you set yourself apart among fellow real estate experts?
One way is by focusing on your soft skills. Soft skills can help you interact more effectively with your partners and clients. These three communication skills can help you produce more consistent results even when business is slow.
1. Vocal Variety
We derive a lot of meaning from the volume, pitch, pace and pauses in our speech. Being more intentional about your vocal variety can enhance your message and encourage listeners to take you more seriously.
Overly scripted communication can be hard to listen to. It’s a good idea to check whether your scripts and responses have the flexibility needed to create a natural, more spontaneous flow.
2. Persuasive Speaking
Passive communicators tend to use vague, soft-spoken language that fails to clearly communicate their thoughts and feelings. The result is a muddled message that doesn’t instill confidence in the listener.
Passive communication: “I think that’s all we need.”
Persuasive communication: “I will let you know if we need anything else.”
Persuasive speakers engage listeners with language that is clear, actionable and easy to understand. They choose words with intention, focusing on positive terms like “yes,” “can” or “will” to sound more confident and compel action.
3. Critical Listening
Critical listeners seek to understand rather than merely respond to people. They can read between the lines and pick up on pertinent information from subtle details and unspoken cues.
For example, when a buyer says they’re “not sure” about a property, a critical listener can consider their reactions throughout the tour to infer what specifically made them so uncertain rather than assuming or asking. This enables them to provide better listings moving forward without pressuring the buyer.
Reach out for more ways to improve your career in this competitive market.
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