3 Ways to Turn Cold Calls Into Warm Leads

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Are you searching for ways to drum up new inventory for the busy summer season?

Start by picking up the phone. Old-fashioned cold calling is a relatively fast and affordable way to connect with would-be sellers in your area.

Nervous about engaging prospects without an introduction? Not sure how to start the conversation? Use the following tips to reduce your anxiety and increase your chances of success.

Target a receptive audience.
Start with warm leads, including:

Expired listings who are ready to sell, but may be frustrated and hesitant due to past experience. To gain their trust, differentiate your services from those of the previous agent, and outline a new path to success.

For Sale By Owners (FSBOs) who initially chose to go it alone to avoid commission costs. Time on the market has a way of softening their position. Proof of agent value and the promise of interested buyers may be enough to get your foot in the door.

Research your prospects.
Before you place a call, know the prospect’s name, current situation and motivations to sell. Have immediate knowledge of the neighborhood and area comps. This allows you to personalize your message, show relevant expertise and make a good impression.

Create a script and practice.
You don’t have to memorize every word. Instead, create a list of bullet points to guide the conversation.

For example, if you’re calling an expired listing:

  • Briefly introduce yourself and state the purpose of your call.
  • Ask why they think the previous listing failed to sell.
  • Offer possible solutions that differentiate you from the previous agent.
  • Provide potential next steps (e.g., scheduling a meeting or follow-up call).

Practice the conversation with friends, family or fellow agents. Be prepared for common objections, questions and concerns — but always listen to the prospect and let the conversation evolve accordingly.

For more helpful tips on lead generation, reach out today.

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