3 Ways to Improve Business Relationships

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Meaningful and long-lasting relationships with clients and industry professionals are an important catalyst for repeat and referral business.

Unfortunately, these connections can fall by the wayside — often due to a lack of time or forgetting to build the work into your schedule.


Here are three ways to protect and grow your professional relationships.

Make client communication a priority.

Everyone wants to feel important, especially people paying for your services. Clients that feel ignored or unappreciated can easily be driven into your competition’s office, even if you were working hard to meet their needs.

Learn the little things about your clients. Ask questions, actively listen and create a personalized experience by remembering key details. You can forge more genuine connections by recalling personal likes and dislikes, important dates, anniversaries and milestones.


Stay proactive with referral partners.

Referrals require trust established through effective collaboration. Unfortunately, many people’s efforts aren’t going beyond surface-level outreach and networking.

Find out what generates true value for your partners. Educate yourself on the types of clients they like to work with. Find common pain points and offer appropriate solutions. Establishing yourself as a valuable teammate and resource can boost your credibility and create trust-building loyalty.

Be consistent.

Radio silence can create tension and anxiety for clients and leave partners feeling unsupported.

Be clear and open about when you’re available and how to reach you. Respond to inquiries in a timely manner and take a proactive communication approach. Reach out with updates — even if the update is “no new updates” — to ensure everyone feels supported and in the loop.


For more ways to strengthen client and partner relationships, reach out today.

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