Private Brokerage

Private Brokerage

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Similar to the way a concierge in a high-end hotel can make a hotel stay more comfortable and enjoyable, your private broker seamlessly handles every detail with expertise and discretion to make your real estate transaction a success.

Q. What is private brokerage?

A. Every real estate office is headed by a broker, who has met stringent educational requirements and has the required experience to hold that license. By law, all real estate agents are overseen by a broker and operate under his or her license. With a private brokerage, clients work directly with brokers–not through agents—and benefit from having their extra measure of expertise. At Link Real Estate, you’ll receive personal attention from the firm’s principal broker, as well as have access to a comprehensive array of services to facilitate every transaction.

Q. What are the benefits?

A. By using a private brokerage, you’ll have the advantages of having a highly qualified broker working exclusively for you, operating in your best interest. Similar to the way a concierge in a high-end hotel can make a hotel stay more comfortable and enjoyable, a private broker seamlessly handles every detail to make your real estate transaction a success. In addition to helping you avoid unnecessary snags, a private broker’s added experience and expertise can help you save time, money and hassles at every stage of the process.

Q. What type of clients use private brokerage?

A. Anyone who wants a Realtor that is working exclusively in their best interest to manage a real estate matter could benefit from using a private broker. This includes investors, out-of-market clients, first-time homebuyers, banks, as well as businesspeople who lease commercial properties.

Q. What is different about your approach?

A. Link Real Estate is unique in that we are part of a national marketing firm, not a national real estate firm. We leverage our marketing capabilities to actively sell properties, as well as to position buyers for successful real estate transactions.

Q. Is private brokerage only for high-end properties and high-net-worth clients?

A. No. The benefits of private brokerage are valued and available to all.



Q. Are the services of a private broker costly?

A. Actually, a private broker can often be the most cost-effective solution. Any of the optional services you choose will result in extra fees, but can also save valuable time, along with trouble and money. Our commissions are competitive with those of traditional Realtors, and are paid exclusively by sellers, never by buyers.

Q. What added services do you offer?

A. Link Real Estate provides access to any number of services to streamline a real estate transaction, including the following:

  • Relocation assistance, including senior housing options
  • Legal counsel for trust & estate issues and complicated transactions
  • Clean-up, moving, storage and hauling services
  • Private financing
  • Pre-listing remodel, renovation and staging
  • Customized marketing campaigns
  • Property Management Leased Property
  • Multi-Lingual Brokerage to Facilitate International Deals

For more information about how you might benefit from private brokerage, contact Link Real Estate today.
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